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Zlatina Grigorcheva

My name is Zlatina and I'm a ceramic artist and freelance designer living in Sofia, Bulgaria, Europe. You have entered in a world of shapes, colors, emotions, a world full of provocation and for myself as a minimilist tableware designer and porcelain jewelry designer. All of the works you see here are made by me in my Concept ceramic studio then fired at the ceramic kiln. I loved drawing from a very early age, and, after finishing a BA and MA in National Academy of Arts in Sofia, I started to work at full time job as a ceramic artist and created Concept - contemporary ceramic studio. It's ispired by memories, dreams and nature, I wanted to create simple but unique designs, working with functional products and porcelain jewelry. I love the whole process of making things out of porcelain and clay, from slipcasting, handbuilding to decorating objects with delicate textures, patterns, and designs. For me, the detail is of great importance saturated with imagination and sounds.

Do not hesitate to contact with me if you like what I create.

Thank you so much for your support!!!

This is Zlatina Grigorcheva - the designer

1981- born in Sofia

2012 - graduate intensive course of porcelain, Danail Nikolov

2006-2008 - graduate National Acadamy of Arts, Master of Ceramic, prof. Bozidar Bonchev

2001-2005 - graduate National Acadamy of Arts, Bachelor of applied Arts, specialty: Ceramic, prof. Bozidar Bonchev

2002-2004 - graduate National Profesional Gymnazium for polygraphy and photography - speciality: Art Photography

Eshibitions & Worksops

2012 - Sofia, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria, participation in competition&exhibition "The colourful rays of light"

2011 - Sofia, Bulgaria, participation in Water Tower Art Fest (Central bath)

2011 - Sofia, Bulgaria, exsibition of handmade furniture "Rock Craft"

2010 - Sofia, Bulgaria, participation in competition "BAZA"

2008 - Sofia, Bulgaria, Gallery "Academia", common exposition, applied faculty, Master degree

2008 - Sofia, Bulgaria, participation in competition "CITE DES ART" Paris

2008 - Sofia, Bulgaria, participation in competition "BAZA"

2006 - Plovdiv, Bulgaria, Gallery "Sariev" - ceramic, participation fund "Young Artists"

2005 - Sofia, Bulgaria, Gallery "Academia" - ceramic, "Meetings of the balkan countries"

2005 - Cherven Bryag, Bulgaria, Workshop "ceramic & sculpture"

2005 - Sofia, Bulgaria, Union of the Bulgarian Artist, common exposition, Bachelor degree

2005 - Pleven, Bulgaria, Participation in international bienale "FODAR"

2004 - Provadia, Bulgaria, Workshop "Art of painting & Ceramic"

2003 - Pleven, Bulgaria, Participation in international bienale "FODAR"

2002 - Sofia, Bulgaria, cafe-bistro "Paparak" - fotography

1998 - Sofia, Bulgaria, community center "Druzba" - graphic

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